๐Ÿ†• UPDATED Glidegram - social media app (follow/unfollow, unread messages & more)

Oh, sheet!
Lisa, have you changed the link?

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The same thing appears to me too.

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Yes! Working on and updated version :muscle:


@Lisa testing Double Click to Like with our new compound actions


This is next-level :star_struck:

Compound actions are making everything better!


Hey @Lucas_Pires

Would you explain how you achieved this?

It looks awesome.

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Increment on the like number column + show notification, it seems.


I might be wrong but it looks like the first tap doesnโ€™t actually increase the like. The second tap seems to be the one increasing it as well as showing the notification. I might be wrong though.

Edit: This is what I think itโ€™s happening. The first tap is prolly setting a user specific date and time. Then there is a condition in which of the user-specific value is not empty then increment the likes.

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  1. First Condition:
    If โ€œincr_Likesโ€ column doesnt equal to 1

Will increment โ€œincr_Likesโ€ column by 1 (first tap glide just recognize the touch, incrementing only the second tap)

  1. Second condition:
    If โ€œincr_Likesโ€ column equals to 2 and Time Stamp column (user-specific) is empty


  • Show Notification: Liked!

  • Increment a โ€œLikesโ€ column (not user-specific) by 1

  • and Set Columns:

    • "is favorite?" to โ€œincr_Likesโ€ (the number 1 will makes it be true)
    • "Time Stamp" to current date/time


Set Column:


Thanks @Lucas_Pires!

Appreciate it!


@Lisa @SantiagoPerez, and everyone

I studied better this situation, and updated the action above.

Before I was using the increment till 2, but the first tap glide just recognizes the touch, incrementing only the second tap

The older action, incrementing till 2, glide was recognizing 3 taps as @SantiagoPerez said too.

Now, itโ€™s just slick! :fire:

Test the double click: https://harmonious-trick-7630.glideapp.io/


Good job @Lucas_Pires!

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@Lucas_Pires Excellent work :+1:

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Thank you @SantiagoPerez @Rosewebstudio!!

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That happens because in your previous life you created a glidegram account :joy:

Updated template pending!

With all of the new features Glide team has released, Glidegram was due for an update. Main updates below:

  • Removed Google formulas - aside from array column for row owner security
  • Follow and unfollow users - finally! (also has a โ€œFollow Backโ€ indication if a user follows the logged-in user
  • Create chats with new custom actions feature - no need for forms
  • New explore tab with a custom search bar
  • Change and update usernames without duplicating usernames
  • Unread messages indicator - a new message appears that the user has not read, a green dot will appear in the chat listing

If there are any other features youโ€™d like to see, just reply!


Great work

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Hi @Lisa how did you created the images to showcase App?

Really impressive :star_struck: congrats @Lisa !

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@lisa Apologies in advance for this, but Iโ€™m a stickler for detailโ€ฆ :face_with_monocle:

I noticed in one of your screenshots the text โ€œ1 Chat Requests Pendingโ€ฆโ€

That would bug the bejeebus out of me, so Iโ€™d probably have an ITE column:

If ChatRequests = 1
  "Chat Request Pending..."
  "Chat Requests Pending..."