Displaying reactions to a post

Hello guys,

I have been making a social network for me and my colleagues. We share gifs like 9gag and we can comment, like as we want. It works great !

I also wanted to put reactions input, and them display all the reactions each post got. I have been trying for a couple hours but i don’t manage to get the data. The reaction is user specific, so we can see our own reaction but not the one’s reactions. It erases the value in the column reaction everytime there is a new one.

I would like to displays all the reaction to the post by a count to each reaction.

Has anyone ever tried to do the same ? I have the same issue with the number of likes/dislikes

Thank you

Have a nice day

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Hey @Zeby,

This might help you 🆕 Actions! ⚡⚡⚡ - #8 by Robert_Petitto

Or maybe this one


Thanks the shoutout @SantiagoPerez

@Zeby you can also test here

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Thanks guys ! Do you know how to display likes at the bottom right of the card like on this app ? I have been looking in options i can’t find how

Natively isn’t possible to do it. Glide has only the heart symbol as favorite

Maybe you could do with css.

And you can try to use the base @Robert_Petitto also could find and change to Like svg icon


Just a thought :thought_balloon: Maybe use a template column with a prefixed emoji followed by like count so =

:+1: 30


Yes! I’d do that. It’s safer lol


Thank you guys

I also meant positionning the number of likes to the right of the card like on glidegramm

@Lucas_Pires I am trying to avoid custom css/html as much as possible. I don’t want my apps to break at any time :slight_smile:

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You need to have a play with tile and card layouts to see which is suitable for you and your design


Exactly, same here even knowing how to use


Ok i just found the solution, i was not putting the caption text correctly


Thank you for taking time to answer me !!


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