🆕 UPDATED Glidegram - social media app (follow/unfollow, unread messages & more)

LOL I can’t hate on facts! I will update this. I have it for followers, (IF 1 follower THEN “Follower”, ESLE…) but missed this one.


Is this done by comparing the last opened time to the timestamp of the last comment made?


Should probably add it to the resources thread. Previewed is also good.



Great! Thanks for sharing

Yes. Clicking the inline list is a custom action to set the user’s timestamp (then view detail) to compare the last comment timestamp to if the last comment isn’t theirs.


Genius! You guys are great! Thank you.

Tal vez si además añades un tiempo de espera máximo pueda funcionar mejor como un “doble-click”. Actualmente haces un clic, puede pasar 1 hora y vuelves a dar otro clic y te lo toma como un doble-click y le da like, cosa que no ocurre en Instagram o en cualquier app que tenga un doble-click nativo.

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Actually, the way I did it’s double click

As I said here :point_up:


Would this method work if someone unlikes a picture then likes the picture again?


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The waiting time is brilliant!

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@Lisa that’s why the Fav icon be there


PS: if we take into account Instagram, they also don’t have the option to like it unless you click on the heart again

Yes, that’s how it works lol

2 clicks is not the same as double click ^.^!

What I mean is if a user un-likes then tries the double tap feature again, will it re-like the picture?

If a user un-likes the picture then the increments still remain, right? So the condition for it to equal 1 or 2 wouldn’t apply anymore.

So please share how you did it - if you want - , because I didnt have more time to take into it. Actually this ‘2 clicks’ I made was only a test that day and shared with you exactly because tpgether we can achieve more than a single person :grin:
Thanks for letting me know

Maybe @wjcv06 can help you now

Sure! :+1:

This is the last configuration