Two components writing in the same column

In the form, I have the Text entry component and a column - both writing in the same column of the sheet.
When the column component is empty then the Text entry component is shown and the user has to write his address in this component. When the address is already registered then it will be written by column and Text entry is hidden.

I have the red message: Another component is already writing to this column - it’s just a reminder or it’s an error and this flow will not work?

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Hi @Swellart,

Thanks for writing in. It will still work fine, despite it showing up red. It’s just a warning and doesn’t effect the function.

Hope you’re keeping well amid the current climate.
Many thanks!


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Thanks Tom! :love_you_gesture:

I can vouch for this method. I’ve done it a couple of times without issue.

:+1: Thanks!

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Thanks for this :heart:

Thanks for the information!