Other Option in a form

New user here. I am building an app that will allow us to enter form data into it. I want the users to select from a pre-generated list that I have made. I did figure out how to do this, but it is limited (as far as I can tell) to the entries in the list. Every now and then, there can be “other” that will need to be filled in by hand. That is the part that I cannot figure out.

I put other on the list, and then added a text field, to only show if “other” is selected and mapped the field to the same column, but that is throwing an error since there is another component writing to that column.

Any suggestions on how to overcome this is greatly appreciated.

You might solve your problem by this:

The error that is thrown, if I understand right, is just a warning. You can still proceed with it.

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I do it and it works fine. Both components point to the same column. There should be no need for having to select ‘Other’ first. Wouldn’t work anyway.

Thanks. I think my issue was that I was selecting other and that wrote to it, so then typing in broke.