Combine "Text Entry" & "Choice" components

Is it possible to allow the text entry field to also allow a dropdown list of choices instead of having 2 components writing to the same cell?

My case: A client is adding items to their store and has to enter an item type, i.e. “Shirt”. They have entered this type many times and can easily choose it from a choice component but if they need to add a new type to that column, now I am forced to add another component with a different title so the user can manually enter a NEW type instead of choosing from an existing list.

Is it possible to allow both in the same component? A tap on the field would allow manual entry and a tap on the arrow would provide a choice list?

@Robert_Petitto I know you want this…

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It is not natively possible to the best of my knowledge.
Just thinking quickly, without trying it: could a lead of reflection be something like

  • in GDE / “Items” column: first row of data is Create new item
  • in GDE / “Item selected” (resulting from the choice in the - below - inline list)
  • text entry #1 to search for items already entered
  • inline list:
    . visibility none if text entry is empty
    . filter on text entry #1 is included in inline list title
  • a text entry #2 to create new item if not available in inline list: visibility if “item selected” is Create new item

Just an idea

This would be nice… a choice component with the option to type text directly into it as well.

Often you’ll see this in forms as “Allow ‘Other’”


I love this idea and may implement it until this request is filled.

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It doesnt seem that using “Set Column” via inline list of matching “types” works within a edit/form screen. Only on a details screen :frowning:

oups …