Text entry with suggestions choice

A text entry with a dropdown menu for suggestions, based on a column, a bit like an hybrid between Text Entry and Choice components.
For example when choosing a category for an expense, either by creating a new one or choosing from existing ones.
I tried to make a form (Add layout actually) with two components, one text entry and one choice both redirecting to the same column, but I get a conflict warning. So I guess they both should be the same component.

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I use the 2 components method in my project, and it still works, even with the warning. The component that’s filled seems to take priority. I do like your request though.

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OK good to know that it is really just a warning. I didn’t dare to check how my sheet looks like afterwards.
Still, if both are filled, it’s pretty much undefined result, unless we can assume that the last component wins ?
[EDIT] Just tried, and it seems to work in a reasonable way. Thanks Jeff!

Glad it works. I have my choice component on top and the text entry below it. Filling the text entry will clear out the choice if the value is not found in the choice list. Selecting a choice after filling the textbox doesn’t clear the text box, but will take priority if I recall. I think it’s the last one filled wins.