User input for choice

If i make choices using the following examples
Key in your own

How can I make it that if user select “Key in your own” they can type in their own “fruit”.

Thank you

Provide a text entry that is only visible when the choice value is “Key in your own”.


thanks Thinh.

I can make the “Key in your own” text entry appear. But when I start to make changes, then the criteria fails and it disappears and the old options appear.

any other ideas?

Maybe add an OR condition to also show the the entry field if the choice component is empty. That, or just leave with no conditions and show both the choice and the text entry. That’s what I usually do.

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I use “unlisted” as the option and when user chooses this, the text field shows up. Even when I will update the options in future, “unlisted” will persist as an option and won’t mess up the flow.

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thanks Jeff. showing both maybe easiest.

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S_C, what will be your visibility condition?

First one manually restricts to to parent 1/top tier, next ones restrict it to anyone in the children column (assuming you have two tiers).

I found this helpful:

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thanks S_C…better understand now for me.

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