Conditional choice button not working as expected

How to recreate:
• I have a 2 choice buttons and neither are set to “required.”
• The 2nd button being visible is conditional on the first one having an input, i.e. “choice 1 is not empty”
• Result: the 2nd choice is visible even when the 1st choice has nothing entered.

In the attached screenshot, “Plant Type 2” should be hidden until there is a manual entry into “Plant Type 1,” but it’s permanently visible.

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 10.52.12 PM|465x500

That’s because you set a filter when you should be setting visibility. Filter is to filter the list of choices, not the component.

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Hurp derp, that’s what happens when you work too late into the night! Thanks for catching that!

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