BUG with visibility based on Choice component

Hi Guys,

i found a bug in the form component with visibility based on Choice component.

Here is my scenario:
the user chooses between 3 options in the choice component (Class, sub class or private lesson) and based on the choice new fields should appear. it doesn’t work, no fields apear regardless of what choice I make.
before i used checkbox to define the visibility and it worked perfect but now i have another option and i want to use the choice and found the bug.
see below gif to present the issue:

Maybe something to do with string comparison or related bug due to different language than English? Please check that.

It’s not. Checked in English and still not working and when changed to use a checkbox again it works.
It’s a bug

I have just tried to make it in my app and it works well when the choice’s data column is text, not choice. You can see this here:

In this case you should just put visibility is “your text from the choice”


2 things.

  1. It’s exactly what I did and it worked in the past but not now
  2. The visibility is set on a different component based on. The choice component and is not working

I would check to make sure you don’t have any extra spaces around your text. I don’t read hebrew, so nothing is jumping out to me. I just did something similar yesterday without any problems, but that was on a detail screen instead of a form screen.

I also did it on a detail screen and it work. It’s not working on the form for some reason

That seems odd. I just tried it out in a form and it works for me. So you are setting your visibility using the column that the choice component is setting, correct? Could you post screenshots of your visibility settings and your choice component settings? It’s hard to follow on a gif since I can’t pause it.

ok. so aperantly i’m totally over tired as I chose the wrong field as the triger which is a view field that take the result of the right column and change the text.

thanks to your request to sent you images i went over the whole thing again and found the mistake. THANKS!

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