How can add condition option

How can add condition to selected option.

For example i have a choice Un-married, married, divorced, single parent, other

For married and unmarried i do not want to have any condition, but for the other 3 (mark in red) when selected a Text line should be added, as (reason).

So how what component i need to add and how it will work, Any suggestion. Thanks

Hola @atek

The visibility condition would be on your text entry.

If marital status is divorced
if marital status is single parent
If marital status is other

This will let your text entry appear when any of those statuses are selected.

I hope this helps.

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Im just a beginner, Can you plz go in details how it works. Thanks


Here you go.


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Also for a more general overview

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cannot see clear so small and blurry :face_with_monocle:

Sorry man!!!

You can take a look at the video @JackVaughan posted.

Can you plz share clear video /gif.


I will later on if nobody else posts another. Not near a computer at the moment.

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I think im going something wrong with the Data. Here is my data

As per the video . I have no option for Divorced, Single Parent etc in the drop down.

Link to Data

You gotta type them yourself where it says “custom”

Yes i have selected the custom also but the text does not appear when selected (married, single parent) giving my reason data? in excel

They have to be written exactly how you have them in your database. Try to copy and paste.

Take a look at this:

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In the reason column what this means kf.v,hj

Thanks for detail answer video and file shared

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In the reason column what this means kf.v,hj

That’s was just a test.