Visibility Options (Multiple values)

Can I add more than one option into the “enter value” box under the visibility options?

Are you referring to this :point_down: ?

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Yes… exactly

I mean in order to utilize the visibility options in the best way can I add the first entry to include (something AND something else AND something else) and then use the built in AND/OR and then add a different combination in the next entry (in the next “enter value” box)? (Keep in mind that the things I want to enter into a single box to form combinations are found on different cells on my excel sheet/ even on the app they are separate entities)

If that is possible, is there a specific format to enter these combinations?

I hope this makes sense :sweat_smile:

Okay, I understand.

My suggestion would be to do that in the Data Editor. Create an if-then-else column, and then reverse the logic. So something like this:

  • If X doesn’t include something, then null (leave empty)
  • If X doesn’t include something else, then null
  • If X doesn’t include yet something else, then null
  • Else true

Anything that returns true must include all 3 of your “somethings”, so that’s satisfied your AND condition.

So in your visibility conditions, you can start off with “when if-then-else column is checked”, and then move on from there.

As a general rule, I find it good practice to create all visibility and filtering logic in the Data Editor, and then it’s just a single condition that needs to be applied at the component level.


I’m sorry but where can I find the Data Editor?
& thank you very much for your prompt response. :pray:

Darren described that really well, that’s how I also usually do that!

I can also add that sometimes it could simplify the task if you use the Template column as a pre-filter for the if-then-else or the list.

For example, if I have 3 columns that filter should depend on, like:

  • User verified: should be true

  • User label: should be new

  • User’s department: should be marketing

What I can do is to connect the 3 columns using template column in a single string like: 1_2_3 and after that use it as a condition for if-then-else or list directly. For example, to show only those users where the template columns shows “true_new_marketing”


The Glide Data Editor - it’s where you will see all your data in the Glide Builder.

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Thank you very much for the great tips

Thank you very much for your help

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