Display choices from the same column but allow the user to add a new value

I have a column where the user has to enter name of the logistics company like DHL, Bluedart. So, rather than entering it, I want them to see the currently stored values in the columns and then add a new one if what he wants is not there in that list. As of now, I have set up a choice, sourcing from that column. Then I added a text entry with Filter visibility to show when the Choice is Empty. But it looks a bit clunky and I don’t see a way to put a text Other instead of the default - any idea how this is done?

This post below is a bit similar, but I did not fully understand how to apply it to my case, as I do not have a prepopulated values for the choice? All the values come from the column itself.
Is there a way to allow a user to add to a Choice pick list directly from an Add or Form screen? - Glide Community

Other related question is once I set this field up, if I want this to be used in all the forms where this field is used, is manual copy/paste the only possibility?

You can point a choice component and a text every to the same column. I usually just add both components and the user can either select from a choice, or type in what they want.

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This is great. I have something similar, but the order is reversed - they both are writing to the same column. I have initially hidden the 2nd text box, but after your nice screenshot, I have removed that condition - Should I make one or both fields (i mean components) required?


I only have the text entry set as required. The reason for that is because you will either fill it in manually, or it will will become filled because of the choice component. So, you will always have a value in the text entry, but you won’t always have a value in the choice component.


I use a Button Block which rules the visibility of the choice and text components. Something like… “New” “Existing” Just an idea…


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