I have a question about the Choice component

Hi fellow community members,
Yes, here I am again with a question :grin:
For the choice component, is it possible to have an empty choice so people can add a choice?
For example.
As you may know, I am working on a restaurant app that is being used by me and my son.
But I wanted, that when my son enters a new restaurant and needs to select a category but that is not in the list yet, that he or I will be able to add a new category.
Right now I am using the choice component on the field Category.
So it will show all the options you have for a Category.
These are all categories that are already on the list.
But it would be nice to add a new category.
The field category, right now, is in the same table with all the restaurants.
I did not create a separate table with only category options.
To make it possible to add a new category, is it maybe better to create a separate table?
It would be nice to add a category when you enter a new restaurant and don’t need to go to a separate section to first add a new category.
I hope my question is clear.
If it is not possible, then I will need to think of something different or just forget about it :slight_smile:
Please keep it as simple as possible to explain it to me. I am not working with Glide that much and things sometimes take time for me to understand it.
Many thanks in advance for your help and time.

For simplicity I’d add a text entry component to the screen and point it to the same column that your choice component is writing to.

I’d say something like… “or enter manually” above the text entry component


That is for sure a simple way to do it.
I did not think about that.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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My pleasure

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