Can Form Button component be available on Add screen?

Would really like if the Form Button component could be available on the Add screen.

The scenario I need it is I have a Choices component populated with categories. But I want to be able to easily add a new category so would like to include an “Add new category” right there below the category dropdown.

I can do this on the Edit screen (see image) but not the Add.

So, is it possible for Glide to include it? Or is there a backend data management issue preventing it?


I would consider the approaches in this thread. To me it would be more used friendly to allow the user to choose from the choice component or type in their own value on the same screen, rather than taking them to a different screen. Once the record is added, then the value will become part of the choice component for the next entry that is added. You can do this by using a UNIQUE function in a new sheet to build your list for your choice component.


Thanks, Jeff. That is a reasonable work around. I do have have the “problem” on the edit screen which then shows both the dropdown and the textfield for a category with the same value. It’s just a little less tidy. :slight_smile:

I didn’t think about that. What you could do is create 2 fields seperate columns in your sheet for the Category Textfield and the Category Choice component. Each component would fill it’s own field. Then you can either join the 2 columns into a third column in the sheet or use the Template Column in the data tab to join the 2 columns into one, or you could do both. The joined category could then displayed when viewing the details. If you create the third column in the sheet, then that one can be used to build your catagory list for the next entry.

With all of that, then you can use the visibility control to hide the choice component when the text field is filled or hide the text field when the choice component is filled.

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