Is it possible to create a 'choices' menu when adding to an app?

When I allow adding to the app there is just is a text box to add a new entry. I’d like it to pull a choice list of whats already added. This is for a ticketing app, to add a ticket but select a status.

Hey @Christopher_Breen. Welcome.

Sure, that’s possible - have you tried adding another component to the add screen? You could add a choice component easily on the top right. Just enter the add screen whilst you’re in Glide and then configure the components on the right as you wish.

In terms of ‘pulling a choice list of what’s already added’ - could you elaborate?

@JackVaughan, I did do that but when I hit the + symbol to add the boxes I only generic text entry boxes. I literally have to create it and change it to Edit to get the choices to appear; as seen in the screenshots.

First screenshot is when adding, second when editing. I want the editing options to be the add options.

Add and Edit are independent of each other. You need to set up the components in the add screen to match how you have then set up in the edit screen. Just delete the existing components and add the ones you want. They used to be one in the same, but that didn’t allow for some users who wanted only certain fields to be editable on add only. @JackVaughan Maybe it would be nice to have an option someday to copy components from the add screen to the edit screen, or vice versa.

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@Christopher_Breen - Jeff is correct here.

@Jeff_Hager - yes, totally agree. Copying/duplicating components has been on my wishlist for a while as I create so many demo apps! :wink: Once we’ve got a basic duplicate in place we could potentially start thinking about how you might do this between add & edit.

Thanks Jeff.

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Thanks Jack and thanks @Jeff_Hager

another quick question if I am having a base number added say 1 is there a way to create a trigger for adding and removing instead of manually updating it by changing it say from 1 to 2; to have a plus and minus button to do it?

I’m not aware of a way to use buttons to add or subtract a value. Can you elaborate a bit on what this number value is used for? Are you talking about an order quantity or something like that? You could use a choice component with a list of numbers to choose from.

The number represents the number of actions done on an open IT ticket. So id like to incorporate a way for users to increase that number without having to erase the old number and put in the new one

The only thing I can think of would be to put a form button on your Ticket details page. Then you can use that form button to submit relevant info (Bucket, Ticket Number) to a new sheet in your app. Then use the following formula in a new column in your tickets sheet.

=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(ISBLANK(A2:A), "", COUNTIF(FormButtonResponseSheet!A2:A, A2:A)))
A2:A represents the column that contains your ticket number.

What this will do is display a count for every time the form button has been submitted for that ticket. If ticket numbers can be duplicated between buckets, then you may need to use columns that join Bucket and Ticket together on both sheets. Those are the columns you would use in the formula.