Add record from inside choice component

Hi Glide team!

Just wanted to ask whether this feature is in your roadmap or not:

  • Adding new record from inside the Choice component.
    Something like this :point_down:t4:

  • In my use case, I’m using the choice component to select my existing customer. If it’s a new customer , I’d have to add their record in the database tab first before adding their order in the sales tab. It’d be nice if we don’t have to go back and forth between tabs to add new record.

Thank you~

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It looks like you can add a form inside a form - I just slapped this together to try it. I haven’t really played with it, but I did notice if you open the form IN the form, you lose everything you entered earlier. You have to completed the internal form, then complete the first form.

I’d likely use the choice at the top to check for existing customers - if I didn’t find one, add them using the form button, then finish filling it in.

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You could always add a text entry above the choice component and point it to the same column. If an option is not in the choice component, then the user can manually type it in. After the form is submitted, then the new entry can become part of your choices for the next time.

I have been doing this successfully.


Hi @Tim_Sullivan and @Jeff_Hager!

Thanks a lot for the ideas. Both are brilliant! I’ll probably use @Jeff_Hager’s solution and add a radio button to toggle the visibility as it is more straightforward :grin: Thanks again guys!


Unfortunately, I can’t do a relation with the previous form. How can I achieve this?