Add a new record in a choice component

Hi Fellow gliders.
I have 2 tables: contacts and company, every contact has a company.
Many times I realized that I have not add a company and I have to return to the company collection and add a new company then enter again to contacts and re create my new contact

is there a way to create a new record on the company table without leaving the add contact form? I have a choice component to select the company.

Adding a text component pointing to the relation field don’t add a new register to the company table

Maybe this will work…have the first ‘Company’ in the Choice be “Add a New Company”.

Then have a “Create a New Company” button with Visibility set to "Choice is ‘Add a New Company’.

If the user selects ‘Add a New Company’ the button appears and you can use your standard add a new company action (also checking that they are not duplicating an existing company). This works as long as no company is actually named “Add a New Company” :slight_smile:

In normal use the button is hidden and doesn’t clutter the view.

Thanks Matt.
Could you explain me how this ‘add new company’ action should be?
Think that Im on CONTACT form and I want to add a new COMPANY row

You should be able to add a form button to create a new company, right inside the form to add contacts.

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