Show form screen from another form, where the added element has to be selected from the first form

Hello Glide community,

I have this form, where I add a client :

The client is linked to a company (here the select dropdown “entreprise”).
I want to add a company if it does not exist (“ajouter une entreprise”)

When I submit the company form, the company is created and it brings me back to the client form, which is good

But the issue here is that the previously added company seems to be automatically selected in the company dropdown. (I did not select it ! )

Which could be great if only it was working. Indeed, when I save the client form, the client is added, the company created, but the client is not linked to the company.

I am using Airtable as a backend

Thanks for your help !

Do you have any “default values” for the choice component?

There is none …

Can you show us how that choice component is set up?

That might be a weird bug with how you write to a “relation” for Airtable. Apologizes, I don’t use Airtable so I can’t give more recommendations on this.