How do I pass values through forms to choose values by default in choice components?

Hello Glide community,

I have been stuck many times in front of this issue :

I have this data model :

A table called “folders” has a relation towards another table called “times”.
From a collection of folders, I want to add a folder, not adding the times directly. Once created and inside the details panel of the folder, I want to add “times” entries, not reselecting the folder one more time, because I am already in the folder details page.
So I tried to different ways but none of them work :
From a times collection, I add an “add button”, which redirects towards a form screen to add a “times” entry.

Here, I would like to automatically fill the “dossier de formation” (Folders) choice component with the Folder I come from. But It does not seem to be possible ? Another option would be to filter out every other option but I don’t have the data to do so as even the screen data is about the actual “times” form.

Another way I tried is to add a button from the “folders” details page which redirects to a new screen holding “this item” data (to keep the folder data). Inside that new screen, I add a form container, targeting the “times” table. And here I am again with the same issue I mentioned above …

Thank you very much for your help, as I many times need to use this kind of relations.

You don’t need an entry component to get the folder. Add a new component and select from Value category. You should see all of your folder table columns as available components while you are in the form.