Default Values

Is there a simple way to create a form with default values?

Yes, set the default value in the component configuration.

That would be great if there was such an option in the component configuration - but there isn’t, hence my question :slight_smile:

I’ll ask first…are you using airtable?

You are writing a choice to a relation. Can I ask why? And, which column inside that relation is supposed to receive the the selected choice? A normal relation is a link to a row. Not a specific column.

I’m using Glide internal DB.

Basically a user is creating an item within a folder. (an item is related to a folder)
If the user is “creating a new item” from within a folder screen, I want that folder to be pre-selected in the choice option. (so the user can change it, but if not - it is there preselected)

Currently the user must select the folder.

I’m looking for a way (hopefully as simple as setting a default value in the component) to set a default value for a choice component.

Yeah, but a relation is a row or a series of rows. Not a column. How do you even know where the value is being written. I think if you set the “Write To” to a normal column, the option to set a default will show up.

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Alright - Will give it a try - thanks!