Cannot set default value in glide page

Describe the bug:
I was creating a new form. Inside the form, I have a choice component. When I was trying to set a default value, I found that I couldn’t use one of the choice as default.


Hi @Larry_engineer,

What property you need as the default value? Is it the Status property?

Thank you

Yup. I have three statuses, pending, shipped and refund. I want the default value to be pending.

I would just create a template column in the user profile table or the parent table of the screen that contains the form button. Set that template column value to ‘Pending’. Then set the default of the choice component to use that template value.


What Jeff mentioned! :point_up_2:

I’m thinking maybe adding this template column in this table and not in the users table and adding that for the default value will work? :eyes:

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