Choice component with multiple component automatically display

Hi there! I have a problem with the form. I tried to make a form with the existing information and the form should be:
First we need to select to choice in the choice component then, Khmer Name, ID, DoB, and Timestamp should be automatically display.
How can we do that?

Inside of a traditional form container, there’s no great way to do this. Is there a reason why you’re not just using relation/lookup values after fact?

The following topic might be similar to what you want to achieve.

Thank you very much for your response. Actually, I tried to use relation/lookup value, it can be displayed automatically only in one component, but what I want is to display in 3 components automatically after selecting the choice from the choice component.

There’s no action tied to the choice component so you can’t do it, even with a custom form. Why do you want them to edit those though? That can contain values different from what you get from the “automatic relation”?

I see fields you’re talking about is personal info tied to the user. Shouldn’t that just be done the way Robert suggested?