Choice box keeps a deleted value as default (from airtable)

I have an app that is connected to Airtable in the back end
Kula Bus (

One of the functions is to register volunteers for a certain event. When I try to do this, the choice box shows a default value of an old deleted volunteer profile as a default one.

Expected Behaviour
The expected behaviour would be to have a blank dropdown for the choice box and when clicked show the volunteers to register.

How to Navigate

  1. go to the events tab then click on any event togo to details screen
  2. click on the person icon (floating button, visible only to people in volunteers table with ‘Kula App Role’ set to Board
  3. An add new screen will show up with a choice box for vbolunteer with a defualt value of ‘Teaster’ . This is a bug since this profile was deleted days ago and I cant seem to remove it.

To verify
If I go to volunteers tab and search for ‘Teaster’ there no record found in glide as there isnt in airtable.

Link to demo recording:

Does your choice component have a default set in it’s configuration?

I dont see a default value option. See screen below. REmember that I am connected to airtable on the back end for this data so that maybe the reason.
I was albe to delete the item by selecting it in glideapp linked table for volunteers and deleting the value.

Hmm, I see you are writing to a relation (aka Linked Record in Airtable). I’m not familiar with airtable and the nuances to using it with glide. To me a relation is a link between tables looking for a match between two other column values in each table. Normally relations do not store values like I think a Linked Record does, so I have trouble comprehending how that’s supposed to work. Normally if you choose to Write To a normal basic column, you get different options, such as choosing an independent source table for you choice list and then you get to choose the value that is displayed and the value that’s written to that basic column.

When you set a relation/linked records as the destination to Write To, then I think it acts as both the Source for the list, as well as the Write To destination when a selection is made. I really don’t fully understand how that’s supposed to work. That’s not how I normally use a choice component. Someone with Airtable experience may be able to provide a better answer. I think when you start to incorporate column types that are specific to Airtable, into a Glide app, then things get a little weird.

With that said, maybe your Teaster user has a value of blank somewhere, so it’s technically showing up as selected, since a blank choice finds a matchbox blank??? Or, since you don’t have an option to select a default, try temporarily changing your Write To value to write to a basic column. Some of the options will change. Maybe the default option will show up. If so, maybe it’s possible that you had previously set a default in the past before changing it to write to your linked record.

As for Teaster showing up in your user/volunteer table. Is your user table an Airtable table or a Glide table? I assume an Airtable table. Is there maybe something with the form, so that when you submit the form with Teaster still selected, it re-adds a record to the Volunteers table??? Again I don’t fully understand how Linked Records in Airtable are supposed to work.

I think overall, your main issue is that the Volunteer table isn’t syncing correctly. Maybe you can tey clearing your browser cache, or try incognito or a different browser to eliminate a local cache issue. At the very least, I would try deleting the Teaster record from the within the glide data editor.

Sorry, I’m not much help here.

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