Airtable & disappearing data (formerly: choice value writing in user column "breaks user")

Follow up to my issue “Choice element for global value

I’m wondering whether I’m doing something wrong:

  1. The tab is using the user table and filters to the current user by matching names.
  2. The content is unrelated, I’m only writing choice items here as “user settings”.
  3. The choice element writes to a user-specific setting column of the user.
  4. The components visibility is determined by user → settings column.
  5. This determine the visibility correctly but…

This seems do be causing some issue. While I’m working in the layout view, the viewing as “User” changes from name to email and all user data vanishes. After a couple of seconds the data return, only to then vanish again and so back and so forth…

I’m presuming something is misconfigured so that when Glide is trying to write the choice value something breaks.

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It sounds like you may be aligning the Name field with the Email field, so that when the Name is edited, it’s overwriting the Email field, which is used to identify the user and causing things to break because it’s receiving incorrect data (a text entry instead of an email).

Some screenshots may help if this is not the issue.

The name and email columns are plain text/email fields, not formula in use.

Adding a couple of screenshots

Tab based on users

Tab filtered to current user

Choice component writes into user-specific column

Visibility of example list

In your filter where the tab is filtered to the user, change it so that the Email is the signed in user and see if that helps.


Adding to this, using filter by Name is prone to error since there might be users with the same name. I wonder if that caused an issue here.


Thanks @kyleheney @ThinhDinh good thinking. I replaced name with user email, but the issue persists. Here’s a screenshot of it. See the user name Vila 60 replaced by the email.

The tab is hidden as visibility requires a role, which is “lost” along with the other user details. After a couple of seconds, Glide will reload the user details and the details appear again, only to repeat in an endless circle.

Hi @Ric_1,

In your filter where the tab is filtered to the user, change it so that the Email is the signed in user and see if that helps.

Copied Kyle’s post :point_up_2: ( Tried to quote that but doesn’t gave me the option and I copied the post and quote it )

Add Email>is the signed in user instead of Email>is>Email.


And when the visibility conditions doesn’t met you get that white screen in the Editor only. After you publish it and use it with your phone then you don’t see that screen and the tabs hides directly.

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Thanks @Dilon_Perera, I tried this too, but am still facing the unloading of user details.

After a couple of seconds it would recover, but the choice field would be reset.

Something goes havoc, when the app trying to write the choice components’ values.

Since you’re using Airtable, this may be a sync issue/delay that is causing it. You could try duplicating your Airtable tables in Glide and they’ll auto-convert to Glide Tables. Try using those new Glide Tables instead of your Airtable tables to see if the issue goes away. If it does, it’s likely a sync issue that is caused due to how Glide interacts with AT.

You could submit a support ticket to the Glide team so they can investigate further. Alternatively, you could just continue using the Glide Tables versions of your tables since they’ll give you the best speed/experience (over other data sources).


I just tested with my previous matching but Google Sheets-based app. Here the same settings seems to work fine. Makes it looks already like the error may be caused by the Airtable sync.

I will test with a Glide table clone for the root cause of the issue, but ultimately rely on dynamic content from Airtable, a setup I cannot replicate with Glide. Thanks!

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One thing you could try is writing your choice selections to user-specific columns as opposed to columns that live in your Airtable base. My assumption is these choices are just to filter a list, so may not need to be seen in your Airtable base. User-specific columns should perform better than syncing back to Airtable and can still be used for filtering like you’re trying to do.

Edit: looks like they already are User-specific!

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Correct, though I’m starting to wonder if that isn’t the solution but problem - mixing Glide (user specific) and Airtable columns. Will check check on that one, too. :wink: