Choice element for global value

Hello Gliders, in a “detail”-style tab I have added multiple inline lists with data from different tables.

I hope to use a choice element to determine which lists lists are shown/hidden via their visibility options. Now I noticed that I can only write the choice element’s data to the tab’s table.

Using the tab’s table, I can show/hide the lists based on the same table, but not those related to other tables. Is there a way to set a global value, for example via the user table?

Maybe I’m doing something wrong here, but that feel more difficult than expected. :wink:

The choice is written to the tab’s table, but your screen is still showing the details of a row in that table. The screen just happens to have several inline lists from other tables on it. Why can’t you use the written choice value as criteria for visibility conditions on each inline list component? Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you want the choice component to do, but from what I understand, you should be able to do exactly what you want. I always use a choice component to hide or show different components…including inline lists that retrieve data from other tables.


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