Choice write to for specific user

I have a glide linked to an airtable and on my airtable I have a select with several choices and on my glide I have a choice that will fill the column of the select the problem is that all users fill the same cell and I would like it to fill the cell corresponding to them and in the “write to” of the choice I do not have access to the data “user profile” could you help me?

Sounds like you should be filtering your screen tab by signed in user so the choice attached to the correct row.

How can I do this

Should be something like this. Just make sure you have an email column in you data to set up the filter. I see you are just showing Name, so I’m not sure if that’s your only option. In that case, you may need to change your filter to match Name to the User Profile name.

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Okay I will try to set this up and get back to you on whether it worked.

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