Is there a way to allow a user to add to a Choice pick list directly from an Add or Form screen?

Sorry if my searching ability is not up to scratch here, but I did give it a crack.

Is there any way of allowing a user to add a new item to the source data for a Choice question “on the fly”, either from the “Add” interface or a Form? Or would it always be necessary to back out of that screen and navigate to the tab that houses the data for that Choice?

If the answers are No and Yes respectively, all good, just wanted to check.


PS how should we categorise “how to” topics?

Hi Adam,

Our workaround for this, as of now, is to use a text entry to allow an “Other” choice, then in the sheet where you store the choices, we can have a column of the original choice list, joined with those “Other” choices recorded in your submissions to act as the choice value for next submissions.


Thanks ThinhDinh, that makes sense. Need to process in the back end.

Could you also maybe have “Add item…” as one of the choices, and conditionally have a text entry (or entries) appear when that choice is selected? I say entries plural, because there might be other details associated with that new choice item (say a new supplier’s address, business number etc).

And I’ll check in the morning, but no doubt someone will have an answer to this already - does an “on change” installable trigger fire when Glide posts stuff to the spreadsheet? I’d probably prefer to move the new choice over to the choice source sheet by script, rather than by formula.

Yes, “on change” script does trigger with a Glide action and I have done that a lot. If you prefer that flow then it’s totally fine. I would imagine check if new row’s choice is “new”, then if “new” write to choice column, right?


Yep, that’s what I would envisage. I will have a play and check performance.

Thanks again.

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