Adding a Name Component


I added a text input component as space for a user to add their name. When I type one letter it closes and sticks to that letter. Is there something I should be doing so someone can actually type out a name? Also recommendations on how I can make it editable?


Thank you!

Is there at least one row (apart from the header) in the table it is writing to?

Yes I have a name column. This is located on the user profile screen.

Yes, but is there a row with data in it?


It’s definitely targeted at the name column, yes?
And you’re viewing it as yourself?
I ask because based on your second screen shot, I would have expected your name (Jen) to be showing in the first screenshot.


That’s a bit confusing… can you elaborate a bit?

I can only type one letter. If I try to type more I can’t. It takes that one letter and that’s my name.

Is it only set to be visible if it is empty?

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Ah yes, I put it like that so the component doesn’t show if someone entered their name already. Is there a better way to do it?

If you’re doing it as a direct edit on an existing cell (not through a form button), then the values goes straight to the sheet and it’s seen as “not empty” after the first letter.

What I do for this sort of thing is that I still show the field, even if it’s filled, so that people can update it if it’s necessary. I set a minimum number of characters (usually about 3 to be safe for most names), then the “save” button or whatever other fields are below are only shown when the name field is filled.


Oh ok, yes I was thinking how they would ‘submit it’. This is only field I am asking for them to enter. Maybe I can have a button bar with one side ‘edit’ and other ‘save’?

I will try this. Thanks!

If you only want the input component to show when the name is empty, then you could set the component to write to a user specific column. But then you would need to add a submit button with an action that saves the new name by using a Set Columns action. Otherwise, Kyle’s suggestion is probably best.


Will look into this too. Thanks Darren!