Show Text Entry Field if empty - not working as I need

When a user Adds a new item from the front page, the ADD form only has a few fields to keep it more simple and quick for the user to get started. I could make more fields required in the initial ADD form but I’d like to use the Text Entry or Number Entry fields on the Detail Screen if the fields are empty.

The Edit Component visibility settings look like this will provide this functionality and this topic appears to validate this idea:

But the text entry field disappears as soon as you enter a single character. I can see the benefit of this for some use cases but doesn’t work for my use case.

Any ideas or suggestions?

For clarification, are you using entry components on a details screen? Meaning you are not using the Edit screen? I just want to understand where these components are.

Hi Jeff, yes on the Details screen. I have an edit screen as well - no issues there.

I wanted to show the Edit component on the details screen when a few of the key fields that would normally be used have not been used yet. Typically just after some has done a quick add from the app front/main page.

What you would need to do is create a duplicate column that’s user specific.

For example if you are asking your users to fill in their last name, instead of displaying a text entry component that writes to the last name field:

  1. create a user specific column called “last name entry”
  2. Display a text entry component that writes to this user specific column. Set the visibility condition to only show up when the ACTUAL “last name” column is empty.
  3. Display a button with a set column action that writes the value in the user specific column to the actual last name column.
  4. If you have multiple fields where you want this functionality, the button can be displayed as long as all of those fields are empty. The moment that all fields have been completed, all the user specific fields and the button will no longer be visible.

A little bit complicated, but it will give you the effect you want. Using an edit screen is obviously much simpler, but the entry fields would be on a new screen.

Hopefully this make sense.




Thanks for that suggestion and verifying the use-case that I was describing won’t work. The Edit component must be updating the glide table in real-time as you type. It would need to be only update on enter for it to work the way I was trying to use it.

Yes…a text entry component on a details screen will write to the table in real time. Need to use the method above or the the edit acreen.

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