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There is one field, which has a different title in 2 cases. Depending on the choice of a dropdown, the title of the field is either A or B, but it’s the same field. This gives me this warning:

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Is there no way to just get rid of the warning, as this is exactly how I want it?

You can’t have two components writing to the same column on the same screen. You should handle it in your table with the IfThenElse column, for example, where Text entry Title will have different values depending on the choice column value.

I do this quite often, using visibility to only show one of the components. As long as you are aware of this it’s fine, but you will always see the warning.

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Hi @V88
I believe it is the case with two components reading from the same “cell” but in @mzsadiek case, I think his Text Entry component is trying to write to the “cell”.
Or maybe I’m wrong?

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I “think” he means writing, and it will work fine, as long as you are aware, which I guess is why Glide display the error message. As an example, in some cases you may want to use two different component types to populate a field, using visibility to determine which to actually present for the “best fit”. It’s an edge case but it works.

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@V88 Ok. Didn’t know that. Never used it that way. Thx.
Sorry for misleading you @mzsadiek.

This is the best solution. If it’s just the title that needs variation based on the condition, create an ITE column in the glide table and then the title should point to this column.


Not at all. Both ways work. Depends on use case.

Thanks for the answers! I am not sure what you mean exactly by using the IfThenElse column. In what way should this resolve the issue?

Have you read about it? It might give you some insights and ideas.

In general, you should have one Text entry component that will change its title depending on a value in some other column (boolean or anything else). You just need to set title property of a component to the ITE column.