Multiple fields within same component

I’m trying out the Conference template, which is great so far.

In my spreadsheet I have fields for ‘Company’ and ‘Job Title’. While these show up okay as separate fields, I want to put them together under a person’s name, so it reads:

Josephine Bloggs
Founder at SuperCo



Relatedly, on the schedule view I’d like each row to show the Title and Speaker for each session. By default only the title is shown.

Can components be customized like this? Cheers.

This is a perfect use case for the new Template feature. Check out this post:

Thanks George! I don’t seem to have access to that post. Any idea why?

It must be a post in the beta section that not everyone has access to.
How about this link. It’s a short GIF but shows you the idea.

You can also do it in the sheet by adding a column and putting a formula in row 2. You will have to change the column letters based on where your Company and Title are, but it the below formula should work. You accomplish the same thing with the new Template feature.

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Brilliant, thanks so much George I figured out the template column from that GIF and my ‘Job at Company’ problem is solved well enough for now.

I think showing session titles and speakers nicely in the Calendar style will need a different approach though. Rather than just concatenating the two fields I want them on separate lines and formatted differently - similar to what’s possible with the List style.

I guess I would expect these styles to have configurable amounts of data, but their display appears to be hard coded.

With the screen space limitations of mobile devices I’m guessing that they figured it was best to keep in uniform and simple, especially for the calendar view. The user can always tab on it and get the full details. It’s a trade off I guess.

Ahh okay. So as far as you know, the structure of those style components can’t be altered beyond the default options?

Correct from my experience. If you have a good use case you could submit a feature request. But Glide is going to have to see not just your specific use case but one that would be beneficial to a lot of others as well.

Indeed. Thanks again!