How do I set a value from other fields into an existing field

So I loaded up a app template that has Full Name field, however, my glide app integrates into another app that has First and Last Name. So we want to add the columns to the Glide App to be filled in on a form, however, if we want to use the app template it uses Full name field in all of the screens. So I figured populate the existing full name field when the First and Last name are entered into the form. However, I don’t see an option to do this. I see the template option, but that requires creating a whole new field (once a field is created I don’t see an option to change it to template) . Is there another way to concatenate values from other fields and then sent that value into another field with out having to recreate the whole column again?

Thanks for the help!!!

I’m not sure that I’m understanding why you can’t use a template column to combine the first and last names?

One thing to watch out for here is that you don’t inadvertently break your User Profiles configuration in making any changes to this. If you started with a template App, then it’s quite likely that the Users->Name column is used in the User Profiles (assuming of course that your App allows sign in). If you’re going to be splitting that into first/last, then you’ll have to choose one of those to use in the User Profile (you can’t use a computed column there).

Yes, a template is a computed column, and you can’t change a non-computed column into a computed column.


Hi Darren, I can use a Template to create a “Combined Full Name” column, but then how do I get that value into the Name field. I don’t want to touch the Name field since it’s a template and it’s used in various places.

Lucky, this is not the user table, that can remain with just with the Name field. This is a separate table that integrates with my other app.

You could use a Set Column Values action to take the computed value and write it into the Name column.

Although I think what I would be inclined to do is replace all uses of the Name column with the computed template value. The Find all uses feature makes this very easy to do.

Thanks Darren, I was looking at the option too, there are 17 places it’s used, so I could just bite the bullet and spend the time doing it once. Since I am just learning Glide I was trying not to touch the template too much as it may break something else, and I would not be sure how I did it…lol :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. I think I have an idea what to do.

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