User Profiles (Name)

Is there a reason I can’t use a template in the name section of the user profile screen? Full names won’t always be shared with other users so I will be asking for “First Name” and “Last Name” separately when a user is created. It seems redundant to ask for “Full Name” then “First Name / Last Name” when creating an account but the current system seems to require it if I want to do this.

I posted this for 3 reasons.

  • Learn a way around this if there is one.
  • Learn why, if it can’t be done.
  • Maybe someone will tag the right person at Glide to change this if it should be changed.


I don’t know the full reason, but basically all user profile settings must point to basic columns which must be editable and not a computed value. A template is a computed value and is not editable.

For your use case, I would ask for a full name. Specify if you want ‘first last’ or ‘last first’ so it’s consistent. Then create a Split Text column which will split the first and last name into an array. Then create two Single Value columns which will pull the first or last name out of the split text array column into individual columns. Then you will have separate first and last columns to work with.


Ah, I haven’t gotten into split columns yet! This brings me to my next post… is there a Glossary of all computed columns, preferably with short videos out there somewhere? Glide introduces a few in their videos, but not many in comparison to what they offer! I fell in love with no code a long time ago but really only feel as though I can see the tip of the iceberg of what can be done! I do realize that a lot of terms carry different names across platforms so it’s more difficult for a newbie to learn. An example would be lists. Here they’re called lists, another platform uses repeaters, and so on.

This might be what you are looking for. The documentation has been getting revamped over the past few months, so if something is missing or you’re having trouble finding something, let us know.


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