View as User - Too many with same name!

How can I view more info on the users in the “View as User” dropdown? I can’t figure out how to get it to show more than first names and I don’t always have photos (which are too tiny to really help)

Trying to type first and last name doesn’t work.

I’m hoping this is a simple answer. I’m trying to troubleshoot a situation for a specific user and this shouldn’t be difficult, thanks!

What you see in “Viewing as” is what you’ve mapped in Name and Email on the User Profile tab.

So you could create a template column, add the details you need there, and bind it to Name to add clarity in “Viewing as”, but I’m afraid this would mess up the User Profile tab.

EDIT: Only basic columns can be used when setting up the User Profile tab. So using a template column here is not an option.

Computed columns like template can’t be assigned to user name on user profile tab I believe

You’re totally right of course, only basic columns can be used when setting up the User Profile tab.

I think Kathy might be out of luck.

Try searching for email address instead of name.

I did that, and it worked, but that adds another step of looking up the email and was hoping there might be a simpler way. Thx.

I have found a work around, thanks to your explanation of how this works.

During the profile setup, the users are adding a couple of pieces of info and then clicking a “Complete Profile” button, so I just added another set-column-value action to a new “Write full name” text column (I already had a full name template column set up).

Then I pointed the Name value to this column, and copy/pasted all the existing user full names here as well and voila!

Now all new users will have their full name written to this column when they complete their profiles.


Beautiful. Your workaround makes it even better than what’s offered natively.

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You know I just took this as a dare to solve for it! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yeah, I wish Glide would let us map a template column as the name field.