Help with editing as a specific "Viewing as -----" user


I am confused on user profiles and enabling different user views while editing. My User Profile tab in the app editor is linked to a Users tab Glide table in the data editor. Sometimes the emails are visible (usually just one at a time). Sometimes the usernames are available (User 1, User 2, etc.).


How do I make it possible to always enable different user views?


If the username is empty, then you’ll see the email address in the “preview as” list.

You shouldn’t need to do anything - that should always be available via the builder. Are you saying that it isn’t?

Hey Darren,

Thanks for the response. Here are a few photos that might show what’s happening.


Your first screen shot suggests to me that you don’t have User Profiles setup properly.

I absolutely could have them wrong. Here’s what I see

Users would be the correct sheet.

Do you have columns mapped for Name, Email and Image? (I can’t tell from your screen shot)

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I only had name and email. once I put image in, everything showed up! thanks for helping me correct that sheet.

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