Viewing as different users changes nothing

When I change the value for ‘Viewing as’ user X to user Y (or any other user) nothing changes, except for it saying “Viewing as user Y”.
If I am on the profile page I always see the same data, all from user X (who happens to be the first row in my table, in case that matters).
I have tested this every way I can think of, and the data I view is always for user X rather than the one shown for ‘Viewing as’, and any updates I make to a profile change the row for user X, no matter which user I am supposedly viewing as.

When I log in with my phone and view my own profile, it shows only the values from user X, and updates to profile from there update user X, not me.

This seems like a bug to me, and it’s simple to reproduce (and this can’t be the expected behavior).

Anybody have an idea what is going wrong or how to change it? Otherwise I figure I should submit a bug report, but I’d much rather learn a simple fix for my problem.


That’s a big clue, yes :wink:

You need to do one of two things. Either:

  • a) Enable Row Owners on your User Profiles sheet, or
  • b) Filter the view to only show the row where the email “is signed-in user”

The first option is the more secure option, as with Row Owners enabled only that single row of data will be downloaded to the users device.

Thanks, Darren, for this very helpful answer. This gives me the behavior I want.

Glide doesn’t inherently know that you’re trying to build a profile screen…gotta tell it so :wink:

That being said, I’ve built over 100 apps and I still make this mistake every now and again.


Thanks! That perspective helped me.

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