Two apps - need suggestions on "upgrade"

I have two similar apps … I want to give the users of one to ‘upgrade’ to the other …

one is BASIC -
I call it 3.0 public - no sign in - no interactions -

one has more ‘features’ -
I call this 3.1 w/sign in with email - profiles/comments/photo uploads

How do I ‘advertise’ on the “Upgrade to 3.1” in the basic app?

What component?

EX: should I use the BUTTON or BASIC TEXT or just the LINK?
Problem: it will not open in Safari and will not encourage them to “Add to Home Screen”

OR: Maybe ask them to SHARE/TEXT the link to themselves?
This may open in Safari?

HELP is appreciated!

I think the way you have it now is pretty efficient.

On the button/link, I am concerned that it opens up INSIDE the app, thus not prompting the user to ‘install’ the new app on their phone.

The ‘share’ seems better, but is a little ‘work’ for some…

Is there some kind of code that will get the link to open up in the browser of choice?

I suppose you could have a button action to copy the url to the clipboard, then give the user instructions to paste it in the browser.

Interesting…feature request: give option to have links open “in new window”?


I also figured @John_Cabrera may know some sorta fancy cool html Rich Text magic trick to get a link to open OUTSIDE of the app.

I’ve requested a while ago to have both, and we choose