Change App link address

I have completly re-vamped one of my apps…!
I want though for users of the current app to be able to access the new app without having to give a new link address - ie I want to remove the address from the current app and just add the link address to the new one - will this work?

Yep, it should work. It may be a bit of a transition process, but you should be able to change the link on the old app, then immediately change the link on the new app to the old url. I believe others have done this without any major issues. Might be good to try it with a couple of sample apps just to be sure the process works for you.

Thanks -
I have tried it now - just amended the name of the link on the old app but it is still opening - is there a long time delay do myou think - server update or something perhaps?

Spoke too soon - it now seems to have worked!

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Perfect! But yes, I think it takes a little bit of time to completely update.

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