Changing Link Name From One App To Another


Currently, I have an app that I shared that is called scooby
I have made some edits that are hard to fix on this app.

Can I change the link name of the original app and call the copy of the app scooby
In this way, I can continue sharing the app and edit the copy of the app.

Does this make sense?

I would greatly appreciate your feedback

Thank you

You can turn off auto-publishing and only publish the changes when you’re ready.

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Yes, you can do that. Just click on the Share button at the top right, and you can edit the host part of the URL.

Thank you for this additional information. That was very helpful.

However, I was wondering if I can change the link name of one app and change the link of the copy of the app to the original link name because I think I screwed up the original app and it is just easier to start all over with the copy then to fix the original. So can I change the original link name and then name the link of the new app, the original link name

As Darren said above, you can do that, just make sure you change the URL of the old name first before changing the new one.

I believe it would take a while to migrate, and your users might have to sign in again.

Thank you!

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Thank you

How long would it take to migrate, do you think?

I don’t have an exact number for that, just a warning for you that it might not be as instant as you want. I don’t expect it to be more than 1 hour, though.