App Versioning & Testing

Hi Guys,

Just wondering how you guys manage app versioning and pushing bug fixes to your live apps?
Currently, whenever I want to make any changes/fixes to the app, I make a copy of the app and test the changes on that. Once the testing is done, I make the same changes to the live app. This process involves a lot of re-iteration (making a copy of the app, testing the changes & then coping the changes to live app)

Looking for suggestions to make this process easier.



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See this, might be of help

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The link wont load:


Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Just to clear it up, the link is locked for “regulars” of the forum so you can check his screenshot.

thanks a lot guys! that helped

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I’m new to Glide and found this looking for an answer to the same question. I came from Bubble. Bubble lets you create application savepoints and revert to that savepoints at any time. Bubble also lets you publish your app from Development to Live.

Be great to see both those features in Glide.

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While we don’t have savepoints or complex versioning control… we do have publishing control. You can either have all changes published as they are made, or you can have more control to publish on demand, or roll back changes.


While I have switched the names of the new and old apps, when I go to publish the new app and give it the same previous app link, it says that the name is already taken. Does that mean this approach does not work then?

So you have changed the url for the old app to something else to disconnect it from the url you want to use for the new app?

Yeah I had to switch the URLs too, which caused my logged in user to get logged out. I was under the impression that just switching the names would do it. Anyway we could get over the logging out/in issue when switching?

Thousands of apps could have the same app name. There’s no restrictions on that. Only the url is unique, so that definitely is the key piece that needs to be changed here. If, for example, google created a new website that was still called google, but the url was, I obviously wouldn’t be taken to the new website just because it was named google. I would still be going to the old site, because I would still be using the old url of In that case, google would have to change the url to point to the new website.

As for your users having to log in again, there’s a lot of stuff that has to be registered on glide’s back end when a user signs in. This is stuff we don’t see. The users are obviously redirected to the new app because they are using the same url they have always used, but in the eyes of the new app, those users are new. It’s not a scenario I’ve ever had to go through, so I’m not sure if there is any way around that.

Understood, thank you! I’ll see what I can do what the relogging issue.

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