Move app to different email address

Hi can we move app to a different email address. Please help.

Just temporarily make it a template thus a copyable app. Make the copy and turn off the template before someone happens upon it. Settings/Privacy/App Template.

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Hi, When the app is moved to a different email address, will it changes the app link in the end.

It will be created with a new link, but you can release the link from the original app and reassign it to the new app.

How can I release the link from original app.
How can I release if I have deleted the old app.

Normally I would have just changed the link on the old app to some obscure name. That releases the link. I’m not sure what happens when an app is deleted. Have you tried changing the link name on the new app to the link you want?

Hi George, I checked the app template to “allow anyone to copy” but it is not showing in templates.
Can you help please. thanks

I won’t show there. Log into that account in the Glide developer and rename the link to something unique that only you would guess. Copy that application URL. Now log out of that development environment all together and then log back into the new one, the one with the other google email. Once you have that Glide listing open, open another tab and paste in the unique URL from the original app. You will see a button Copy this App (or something like that). Once you have the copy in your new email, you can rename it to what your original was, and if you want go back and delete the original or at the very least turn off the ability to copy it.

Thanks got it. I am very close.

open another tab and paste in the unique URL from the original app.

Do you mean I need to open another tab on the glide development tool or google sheet.

just another browser tab. enter the url:

There will be a copy button to the right of the emulated app in the browser.

But remember to have yourself logged into the proper Glide account in another browser tab or not have either the old or new one login into.

Perfectly worked . big thanks

First app saved with the logo. The new one installed with the bulb instead of logo. How can I save it as logo again. thanks

Just go into settings and change it to whatever you want.

I changed the icon in the setting with the logo but when I share the link and install it on phone, it is installing as bulb icon.

Give it some time to sync up. You could also un-install from your device by deleting the app and the cookies.