Tips & tricks on handeling an app update

So I had one app for organising volunteers to makes lunches for Homeless Street cleaners. I built it super fast and it’s going great. As we went along more and more questions kept coming up and I had to rethink a few screens.
So I made a copy of the app BUT keeping the original sheet.
I want to switch them out. But I don’t want to break anything while they are using it and miss volunteers signing up.

Is it enough to just get the URL from the OLD version change it to old,… and on V2 change it to what old used to be? Orrrrr will that do some damage I’m not seeing?

Other tips and tricks regarding this are appreciated.

Just make a button on the “home” screen of the old app, telling them to install the new app and link that button to your new URL. I think that’s the ideal solution.

If you’re using the same sheet, you should be able to simply swap out the URLs. Do this at an off time to mitigate data gaps (midnight?).

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Thanks, yep I choose that one,… noticed that this does cause people re “login” again with the pin.

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