Can't upgrade

My app’s URL:

When I click the upgrade button the screen flashes and nothing happens. I’ve taken a screen recording of it but can’t upload it here

Hi @Pippa_Stevens. It looks like you’ve transferred this app into an organization. We don’t yet support upgrading organization apps to Pro. What I suspect happened is that you transferred the app to an organization in one tab, but upgraded in another tab that was open before you transferred the app.

You might not need Pro now that this app belongs to an organization. Which Pro features were you hoping to use?

Hi @Daniel_Sweet, I can’t publish the app without upgrading the account though?

Hi again @Pippa_Stevens. It wasn’t clear which “upgrade” button you were talking about, I was assuming you were talking about upgrading the app to Pro instead of upgrading the organization. Please upload the video to a file sharing service (ideally Google Drive) and share it with me at