Questions around Upgrading to PRO

a. If i have created the app using email1 and then put this app as a part of a team and then add another email2 as a contributor to this team. Can the person with email2 go ahead and upgrade this app to the Pro app?

b. If not then making the app copyable using email1 and then copying it using the email2 account and then proceeding with Upgrading to Pro is the right approach?

In summary, i would primarily want to use email2 for maintaining and upgrading the app going forward.

Once upgraded- until the automatic publishing control comes to production - is keeping a copy of the app and working on it and swapping the URL and the PRO account the only option to control and add features?

@Jeff_Hager I noticed a post that you were commenting on and that prompted me to ask this second part of the question here

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I haven’t ever used Teams, so I can’t really advise on that, but option B would work.

Like I mentioned in the other thread, I usually just go ahead and make updates to my live apps. My user base is small, so I usually just jump right in and make the changes live. If it’s a larger change, I usually reconstruct a tab that only I can see, or set visibility on parts that only I can see, so I can develop it in my own time and adjust visibility whenever I’m ready. Just depends on the type of changes you are making and how adventurous you are feeling. I’m usually pretty adventurous. :wink:

Keeping a copy and swapping is an option, but I think it can get a little more complicated if you have a custom domain. Also you need to be quick on updating the glide url’s as well so it doesn’t interfere too much with your users. Plus there’s the hassle of transferring billing between apps. It’s not a method I use myself. I’ll make duplicates of my app periodically as a backup, but other than that I don’t make duplicates to work on new updates.

Again, I’m not really a good source for something like this, so hopefully someone else can chime in. I’d say, just do whatever you are most comfortable with. If it’s a data change, sometimes it’s easier to reconstruct new columns and point components to the new columns when ready and clean up the old columns. If you do things correctly, you can make changes without the user’s noticing and then flip the view when you are ready. If you are making a copy of the app to make changes, I’d assume you would use the same tables instead of duplicating them as well, so just be aware of any data changes in the duplicated app that could affect your original app.

I believe any users inside a team will be able to add a payment method that links to their card and that’s the deciding factor, not who is the “owner” of the team.

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I have an app that has about a hundred users.
In the past when I have done a major change, I have simply swapped the URL from the old version to the new one.
I have been working on a new version which I now want to publish but I have hit the limit with lines of data.
I am more than happy to go pay to go PRO but before I launch it to my users I want to test it with a chosen few.
So here are my questions:
What is the actual part of the app that is registered for accounting purposes - I expect that it is the URL?
The current version has the URL
If I register my new app as a PRO, am I able to swap the URL to when I wish it to go live so that my users do not have to sign in again?

Or is the the name of the App rather than the URL???

I won’t make any guarantees about users having to sign in again or not, but your pro subscription is on the actual app. Not the url, so can can swap out the url all you want.

Great thanks Jeff

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