APP Revision

Currently I have released a paid APP (Pro) with custom domain. I need to revamp the APP. What is the best way to go about without affecting current users?

Can I make a copy of the APP, make changes needed and transfer the Pro license over? If this is done, then the current users will still be able to open the updated APP since custom URL is still the same.

Appreciate feedbacks.


I’m not entirely sure if changing the link to the new app would make it a smooth experience. If I recall right it took a while for the change to be up, the Pro subscription can surely be transferred though.

You can create a tab that only you can see, make changes there and when they’re all fine, make the change to the real tab.

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thanks Thinh.
So i can copy a TAB, make changes and if ok, then rename the TAB to old TAB name and delete old one?

i wonder when is the revision of APP feature coming?

We would like a “draft” feature, David said they plan for something like that in the future but there’s no exact ETA.

To be clear, you can’t “copy” a tab yet. You have to rebuild it, especially if it’s a details tab.

thanks. it is going to be cumbersome to make big changes i want to do…but it has to be done

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