Best practice(s) for editing a live app

I just launched an app and it now has users. I want to add more features but I want to make sure they don’t break the app (if I make a mistake, lol).

Any suggestions on best practices for doing this? I’m thinking about cloning the app and adding the features to ensure they work properly before moving them over to the live app.

The only concern is that it’s a pro app and I’m not sure if cloning a pro app also “clones” the price, lol.

Thanks in advance.


Hi :wave: why not create a new tab you wanna work on and hide it so only you can see it. When you ready to release just make it visible. Simple, I do it, it works a treat.

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Hi! I actually do this now and it works pretty well. I’m want to build on top of something that’s already in a tab-- I want to avoid building out a tab from scratch if possible.

I’m also building out some relationships on the back end that I want to make sure work before rolling into production. If a hidden tab is the “best” way to accomplish this then I’m all for it. Just trying to gage the community braintrust to see if I’m going about this the best way. Thanks for the response!

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  1. Make a copy of the original app, keep the same sheet.
  2. Make your modifications to the copy, Publish.
  3. Rename the URL of your original app to anything other than what it’s supposed to be.
  4. Rename the URL of your copy to that of your original app.

Result = updated app.


See this also

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Hey Tim! This sounds like a winner, lol. I think I will give this a try. Appreciate it!

My pleasure, glad to help. Good luck!

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Just want to add that there is no problem duplicating an app. It will duplicate as a free app.


Thanks for all of the input! I think I have a path forward now.