Question/advice on "live" updates

I am a volunteer at a non-profit organization.
They had asked me to create an app, where other volunteers can submit requests.
Because it is a non-profit organization with unpaid volunteers, we are using the free plan.
The app is almost ready for live testing.
Now I was wondering the following in regards of updates.
Because we have the free plan, any updates that are made to the live app are automatic.
I know that you can duplicate the app, make your changes there and if they are okay, then transfer then to the live app.
But I am afraid that I will miss certain updates I have made and that I will have troubles transferring them to the live app.
Now I was thinking of the following but I don’t know if it is possible or maybe someone has some other advice.
I was thinking of duplicating the live app, make the changes to the duplicated app and when everything is working, then rename the live app, and after that rename the duplicate app to the name of the live app.
I think for the Google Sheet, maybe use the same sheet for the live and the duplicated app.
I hope my question is clear.
Many thanks in advance for your help in this.

no, the duplicated app has nothing to do with the original one, it will only change the shared google sheet…
you can stop live updates in the pro app… and when is ready turn it on…
you can duplicate the original and test your ideas there… but after testing, you must manually apply changes back to the original app… and I would strongly suggest not to use same google sheet for a testing app, to avoid unwanted changes in the original app

Yes, that approach is fine.
And yes, it’s probably a good idea to use the same Google Sheet for both, especially if your changes involve adding new columns. You just need to be careful if you plan to remove columns, as doing so could potentially break existing functionality in your live app. You also need to carefully manage any data that you add/edit while testing your changes, as you’ll be changing data in your live app.

Also, to clarify this, the name of both apps can be the same. It’s the url that has to be moved to the duplicate app. First you would change the url of the live app to release it, and then change the url of the duplicate app to the one you used before.


Do you mean something like swapping URLs?
Like changing the URL of app a to (for example) app c
Then change the URL of app b to app a and finally change the URL app c to app b.

Yes, that’s what I mean. I only mention it because another user had an assumption that they could just swap their app names and then all user’s would automatically start using the new app. The app name doesn’t matter. It’s the URL that needs to be swapped.

This is the other thread I’m referring to.


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