Migrate a Part of Features/Tab

I have four Pro Apps that I currently using.
But one of them seems very slow like takes 10 sec to turn up after clicking on hamburger tab.
We plan to migrate a part of feature inside the Apps to another to make sure the user experience better.
Is there any ways to transfer the features and all the calculation column?
Or I have to redo all the calculation column and all the actions?

What you could consider is duplicating the app, and then remove the features from the copy that you don’t need. That might be easier than rebuilding.

But as I have all is live apps. So, what I need is take few features into another live apps. Not migrate to another new apps.

Okay, in that case you probably have no choice. I would recommend disabling auto-publish, so you can do it in stages and only publish updates when you are ready.

Oh hmmm thanks, Darren.