Merge multiple apps or tabs

It would be helpful to merge multiple apps into one… I have a many test apps that i would wanna make just one… or i want to use some tabs in another app. It is a lot of work to copy data and screens

Hi, anybody have info on merging Apps? or tables with calculation columns?

Nothing about merging, though if you have a pro app, you can embed other apps into another using the webview component.

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yeah I’ve done this - very cool :+1:

i would love to use some tables, actions and math columns from other Apps, is so time consuming to rewrite components from scratch,
at least give us a copy paste columns and actions… also undo buttons in action and editor… i could write high level App in one week if have these options !!!

i have build many cool functions… like time picker… location picker… orders tracking… and many more that i can use in most of my apps… but each function take few days to build… i could just copy it to another App , change some parameters and is good to work… like i do in google sheets

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my functions takes up to a 100 columns with complicated formulas… is a pain to write it over and over

You should talk to @Jeff_Hager. I once had a solution that worked, but used about 40 columns. I was quite proud that I’d actually made it work. And then Jeff showed me how to do it with ONE column…

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